Does this sound familiar to you?

You have been on a career hamster wheel and want the courage to get off.

You know you need to build a plan, but you're feeling stuck in fear. 

You are afraid people will judge you for shifting your career.

You are afraid you won't be able to support yourself financially.

You don't know how to make your previous experience applicable to your dream career.

Imagine being able to achieve your dream career without fear standing in your way.

  • You wake every morning knowing how to step purposefully into your successful life.

  • You are confident about the role you play and what you are contributing.

  • You've released old stories that aren't serving you and you know in your heart you can continue to achieve dreams.

  • You understand how to use the laws of the universe and your subconscious as a tool to make dreams reality.

  • You have adopted the identity of the person who has your dream.

  • You understand how to live your life in flow.

And then think of having the support and camaraderie of others who want the same for their lives. Envision YOU are part of a community that is cheering you on.

The Dream Weavers program is different from other career coaching courses because it incorporates subconscious techniques, practical goal setting, and teaches you about the science behind manifestation all within a group setting. 

While we will talk about your resume and some of the tactile things you can do to position yourself, we will also focus on the inner work you can do to make your dream come true. 

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Use your subconscious as a tool to ensure that your limiting beliefs are a thing of the past.

  • Recognize and create abundance in your life.

  • Step fully onto your dream career path and embrace the identity of the person who has your dream career.

  • Grow mindfully into your life and understand how to continuously evolve.

  • Create a clear plan to achieve your Dream Career and how to evolve that plan over time.

  • Create relationships with people who will support you and have your corner.

  • Make a huge impact in your life with an investment that will not break the bank.

Join the Dream Weavers Program!

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Here's what's inside:

  • Three 90-min 1:1 session with me | $1050 value

  • Eight teaching modules | $750 value

  • The Brand Launch & Resume Refresh Kit | $300 value

  • A robust exercise and training workbook | $450 value

  • 6 mediation tracks, 4 hypnosis tracks, 3 tapping videos | $450 value

  • Weekly live group learning and Q&A calls

  • Access to instant communication through Voxer

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to modules and training

When you add all that up, it comes out to a value of $3000, but we are running a special offer for this group of Dream Weavers for $2222. 

This is an 8-week investment in yourself and your dream, that will bring you clarity and give you tools to confidently walk the path of your dream career.

Breaking Down the Eight Teaching Modules

  • Where Are We Now

    Learn about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the logical levels of change, and your comfort zone so you can start making powerful shifts. This includes the first of three private coaching sessions so you can create an action plan for achievement.

  • Breathing Life into Your Dream

    Let’s give your dream it’s first breath by saying it out loud. Learn about the Principles of Success so you can achieve your goal and bring your dream to life.

  • Stepping into 2.0 Version of You

    Identify with the person who has already achieved your dream career path and learn how to step fully into that identity everyday.

  • Make More Room

    Recognize limiting beliefs that keep you in a box. Learn techniques to release the thoughts that are weighing you down so you can move forward. This includes the second of the three private coaching sessions.

  • Weaving in Your Truths

    Learn the difference between self-confidence, self-esteem, and self- worth, so you can dig deep into what values are non-negotiable to you in the workplace.

  • Stay High Vibe

    It’s all about energy. Learn how our energy is directly correlated to our outcome. You will build upon practices shared in your pre-work that will protect your energy and keep you on the highest vibrational frequency. This is all tied to the Law of Attraction.

  • Releasing Money Blocks

    Learn about money and how our beliefs around money shape how we live our lives. You will recognize your money paradigm and we will release limiting decisions around money freeing you to move forward in a life of abundance.

  • Landing on the Bright Side

    Reflect on progress, set evolving goals, bring everything you’ve learned all together so you can​ walk away confident to continue pursuing your dream. This includes the third of the three private coaching sessions.

“ - Katelin Farrell”

“ - Angeli Aguilera”

Are you ready to learn the life-changing skills that will keep you continuously on the path of your dreams?

  • $2,222.00

    One-time Payment

  • 4 x $555.50

    Monthly Payment Plan

  • 10 x $222.20

    Extended Payment Plan


Hey, I'm Amy!

Just last year I was sitting at my desk feeling trapped, chained to a career that no longer interested me. I was struggling to make an exit and move toward something more fulfilling. After taking several months off and reconnecting with my values, I learned that my true passion is helping others. And, I’m here to teach you the skills I’ve learned that have helped me achieve my dream of running my own business and being a coach. The formula is the same, regardless of the dream. It’s time to move beyond your fears to achieve your dream career. This is how life should be lived and is possible for everyone.

The Dream Weavers Program is PERFECT for you if you:

  • Have a dream that you want to bring to life.

  • Are ready to leave behind a career that doesn’t speak to your purpose.

  • Want to get off the hamster wheel and take intentional steps toward your future.

  • Are ready to step fully into your most empowered self.

  • Love the encouragement and camaraderie of a group environment.

  • Are ready to invest in yourself without breaking the bank.

Overthinking is a form of procrastination and self-sabotage. 

You don't need to be perfect to start the next chapter. 

Don't let another year of your life go by before you bring your dream career to life. 

  • $2,222.00

    One-time Payment

  • 4 x $555.50

    Monthly Payment Plan

  • 10 x $222.20

    Extended Payment Plan



  • Is group coaching like a workshop?

    Group coaching is based on the same structure as my private 1:1 client program except that it's in a group environment. There will be elements of teaching and learning through the module program, but there will also be opportunities for discussion and Q&A.

  • What about confidentiality?

    In order to create a trusting environment, I ask that all group coaching participants keep what happens within the group only within the group.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes, we offer two payment plans for this course. We have a 4-month payment plan of $555.50, and an extended 10-month payment plan of $222.20. Both with no interest.

  • Are there refunds?

    All sales are final for the course. Due to the inherent nature of educational programs and the electronic transmission of same, there are no refunds.

  • How much of a time commitment is needed per week?

    The call, modules, and exercises will require a minimum of two hours per week. But putting the learnings into action and integrating them into your life is a full-time focus. The more time you dedicate to applying what you learn, the bigger the transformation.

  • What if I'm not sure I want to start a side-gig?

    That's totally OK! I'm including this as an option as a perk for those whose dream is using their talents and starting something on the side.

  • What happens if I miss a call?

    All Zoom calls will take place at a specified date and time each week. If you miss a call, I totally get it. Live replays of the calls will be made available to you for one week. To get the true benefit of group coaching, you are encouraged to join as many calls as possible. This is where we do deep work together and you have the opportunity to gain my support and the support of the other dream weavers.