Life as you knew it changed overnight.

You felt out of control. 

You felt fear, stress, and uncertainty. 

You faced new challenges.

You slowed down.

You adapted. 

While you experienced tough moments during isolation, you discovered things about yourself you don't want to change moving forward. You have a renewed appreciation for simplicity, or focused time with family, or how much you enjoy having creative outlets in your life. 

 You've gained some clarity around what matters most. Those things you've been putting on the back-burner have resurfaced. You have an idea of how you want to live your life differently, but you're feeling stuck. You're not sure where to start, or how to maintain the changes you've already made.

Deep down, you know you're destined for more

Can you imagine how your life would look like if you were able to feel certain in the face of uncertainty? Your vision for your future has changed, what if you could create it in a way that supports what matters most to you?

  • You may be trying to strategize the most logical move right now, or wait it out 'til there's more certainty. The most important thing you can do in times like this is to not give into your fear.

  • Imagine being able to live more on purpose. Able to make decisions from a place of clarity and confidence. More determined and focused than ever, building your resilience as you become the conscious creator of your life.

  • Knowing you used this time of great pause as an opportunity to consider how you’re going to emerge as the best version of yourself.

Now is the time to gain clarity and start designing your future vision.

You don't want to let any more time pass, neglecting to take action. If you're ready to start creating conscious change on your own terms...

we can teach you how.


The ultimate self-paced online course experience, with the option to include a 1:1 coaching session for the complete personalized package.

  • You’ll explore the logical levels of change, so you can understand how to create change from a place of clarity and purpose.

  • You’ll redefine your values and belief systems, so you can get clear about what matters most to you.

  • You’ll learn how to feel certain in uncertainty, so you can move forward with confidence and ease.

  • You’ll explore the power of stretching outside your comfort zone, why it’s so important for growth.

  • You'll explore who you want to emerge as after this crisis, so you can show up as the highest version of you.

  • You’ll experience a powerful goal setting exercise, so you can significantly collapse the time it takes to achieve your goals.

What sets

Determined to Do it Differently

apart from those other online courses?

First off, you have options, 3 of them! We're all about making things simpler for you, so we broke down the course into different bundles. These concepts may be totally new to you, so Bundle 1: The Foundation is the perfect place for you to start. 

Covid-19 has transformed our relationship to work. This is why we've created content specifically geared towards navigating your current and desired work life. As the lockdown starts to loosen, you may be facing new challenges from feeling uncomfortable back in the office, to considering a total career change.

Mental health is of utmost importance, especially during this time. In Bundle 2: The Essentials, we've created comprehensive modules all about how to manage the potential toll on your mindset as you ride the rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. 

Not many other courses offer an opportunity to experience a 1:1 session for a fraction of the regular value, and we sure do! You'll have the choice to choose Bundle 3: Getting Personal, and book a private 60-minute session with one of us, your coaches! A combination of this in-depth course, alongside a personalized coaching session, is the ultimate jump start to making conscious, long-lasting change

This course will teach you how to:

  • Stop defaulting to a fear based perspective and attitude towards the unknown. By creating and establishing daily mindful practices, so you can feel certain in the face of uncertainty.

  • Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed about what you believe is possible for your future, by creating a new set of beliefs that truly support your values and life’s vision.

  • Stop giving your power away to external circumstances, by gaining clarity and control over your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results.

  • Stop living inside your comfort zone where you feel stagnant, bored, and uninspired, by stretching yourself to face more challenges and create opportunities for growth and expansion.

“- Jason Money”

“- Alie Reid”

“- Cassie Jenkins”

Before meeting with Amy and Willow I felt trapped, wanting to move forward with intention and focus, but unsure where to start. I appreciate the thoughtful pre-work they provide because it motivated me to sit down, uninterrupted, with my thoughts and write down my goals. I am grateful for Amy and Willow’s perceptivity, knowledge and guided practices they share with the group to aid in personal clarity. As a result, I look forward to this lifelong process of owning my story and in turn, crafting a life that is a genuine reflection of my true self.

When you add that up, it comes out to a value of up to $550, but we are offering 3 different bundles at special prices only for this launch!

  • Bundle 1 | The Foundation

    $47 USD ($100 Value)

  • Bundle 2 | The Essentials

    $127 USD ($200 Value)

  • Bundle 3 | Getting Personal

    $277 USD ($550 Value)

Are you ready to make your comeback as the best version of you?

Hey, I'm Amy,

your Dream Career Coach!

I was a powerful executive with an excellent reputation working in the fashion retail industry in Manhattan. After sacrificing personal time for long travel days and 15 years of working my way up the ladder, I had earned my place at the table. And, why did I feel extraordinarily empty? “Isn’t there something more?” In July of 2019, I decided to leave my career and go after finding my purpose. The transition was hard, fear crept in at many moments, and I needed to find the courage to pursue. I tapped into my creativity and started to share my story with others. I realized my purpose is to help others navigate through this continuously evolving life — the rule followers, the high achievers, those with emptiness in their hearts that feel unaligned. I’m a career and mindset coach, and The Recreated is my coaching business. I love what I do every day. I want this for you! Amy is a Certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, Hypnosis, TIME, and EFT practitioner.

Meet Willow McDonogh,

your Transformation expert!

Certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapist, & Podcaster. Willow is a results-driven coach who uses NLP, EFT, and hypnosis to help you ditch limiting beliefs and old stories, keeping you feeling stuck and playing small. So you can start designing a life you’re proud of and love. For reals. Her community goes nuts for her relatable, no-fluff approach to helping you get out of your own way, so you can step into the best version of you. She’s a podcaster, who interviews kick-ass women who found the clarity and courage to live on their own terms. Go creep her podcast, “Carve Your Own F*cking Path” on Spotify or iTunes for inspo and juicy storytelling. When she's not empowering her clients to stretch outside comfort zones to achieve big bold goals, you’ll find her gallivanting around her adopted city of Lisbon, Portugal, surfing off the coast, or planning her next road trip. Rock on.

7 Ways to Know if Determined to Do it Differently is the PERFECT course for you:

  • You are ready to gain clarity and feel certain about your future.

  • You are ready to make work and lifestyle changes based around what matters most to you, instead of feeling stuck in your current circumstances.

  • You want to let go of limiting beliefs and old stories about what you’re capable of and your possibilities.

  • You are determined to make a comeback as your highest version of you.

  • You want to ditch boredom and feeling stagnant by stretching yourself outside your comfort zone to take on new challenges.

  • You are ready to prioritize what you’ve been putting on the back burner

  • You are ready to be supported by two coaches who have truly faced the unknown head on to live a life on purpose.

If you're made it this far, you know deep down it's your time to start living on purpose. You know the world as we know it will never be the same. Don't let this grand pause slip by you without learning how to become the creator of your own life. 

You have the choice to feel confident, certain, and excited about your future in this shifting world. 

There's no time to waste, and we are here to guide you. 


  • Are there refunds?

    All sales are final for this course. Due to the inherent nature of educational programs and the electronic transmission of same, there are no refunds.

  • I’m afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results.

    We totally understand this, which is why each module is easily consumable in bite sized videos.